Welcome to the learning platform for global learning by PEN PAPER PEACE e.V.!

With our global education offer we seek to enhance the respect for different cultures, lifestyles and world views. Furthermore, our goal is to take a stand and illustrate the different options to take action in our society to collaboratively find sustainable solutions for our world.

Global education shall motivate to actively shape the process of globalization in a future-oriented manner, while simultaneously promoting a well-balanced dialogue between States of the global North and South.

You can find all information regarding our learning materials for at home, as a preparation for a class or even as a part thereof, here on this website. Regardless of whether you are alone, or in a small group, or even with the entire class – the interactive excursions will guide you through diverse topics. You want to travel to Haiti, Honduras or Namibia and learn a lot about these countries? No problem!

Additionally, our offer is entirely free of charge!

Besides learning, we value and emphasize a future-oriented community, which is why we offer the Toolbox for Global Citizens to provide you with all the tools needed to become active yourself and help building a solidary world.

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