Digital excursions

PEN PAPER PEACE offers interactive excursions on various topics. For the classroom or at home, in small groups or alone – all free of charge, of course!

Here you can choose between the topics. What interests you the most? Do you want to find out what global learning is and why it is so important for us? Or do you want to go on a digital journey to Haiti, Honduras or Namibia?

Our excursions into Haitian history are ideal for young people: From the Haitian Revolution to the history of slavery in Haiti to Vodou in Haiti. Be amazed by new insights, audio and video materials, and interactive puzzles.

Or do you want to get active yourself? With the Toolbox for Global Citizens, we give you the knowledge and all the tools you need to implement your own project. From idea to action!

Decided? Then click on the button that will take you to your digital excursion!