Prepare your digital lesson

Here you will find materials to prepare you optimally for the use of our learning materials and their integration into the classroom.

Do you teach at a primary school and would like to include one of our digital excursions about Namibia, Haiti or Honduras in your lessons? Then click on “Preparation for primary level”!

Do you teach at a high school and want to use one of our Haiti modules? We offer five exciting digital excursions from the Haitian Revolution to the history of slavery, from the topics of climate change and mass tourism in Haiti to an exciting insight into Haitian Vodou and the pre-colonial history of the Caribbean island nation. 

Or would you like to try our “Toolbox for Global Citizens”? It’s all about getting active and how students aged 13 and older can take action for a better world. Our interactive, digital step-by-step guide leads young people through the entire idea and planning process, from the initial idea to the actual implementation of the project. In the process, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations are explained and presented in a playful way along the way. Click on the corresponding button if you would like to use the Toolbox for Global Citizens together with your students.