Workshops for teachers

Identify potentials, test options for action, avoid pitfalls

Digital media are more topical than ever. They are finding more and more space in education, partly due to the long phases of homeschooling and distance learning in the recent months. The association PEN PAPER PEACE e.V. has been developing digital learning opportunities for the cross-sectional area of global learning (education for sustainable development) since 2019. With the offer we want to promote respect for other cultures, ways of life and world views, to shed light on our own position as well as individual and societal options for action in order to find sustainable solutions for the world together.

As part of a series of workshops in the first half of 2021, we will shed light on the potentials, options for use and pitfalls of digital global learning. The workshops are aimed in particular at teachers of social science or regional studies subjects, but are open to all interested parties. The topics of the series relate to different aspects of Global Learning and are divided into introductory and advanced events.

Place and date: to be announced in due time (online if necessary)

Costs: there are no costs for the participation

More information and registration: or by phone 030-8576 2190 or 0176-6372 0467

Workshop 1: Introduction to the possibilities of Global Learning (1,5h)

Using the theoretical foundation of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, we explore what Global Learning entails and how it can be easily and effectively integrated into everyday teaching.

Workshop 2: Possibilities of Digital Learning in the Classroom: The Digital Excursion (1,5h)

The workshop will first discuss the basics of digital learning. The participants should get to know as wide a spectrum of digital media as possible and be given suitable apps, websites etc. to use. We will go into more detail about the digital excursion as a collaborative medium and its integration into the classroom.

Workshop 3: From learning to action – training competence to act (1.5h)

The workshop deals intensively with the third competence area of Global Learning – the competence to act. For this purpose, the Toolbox for Global Citizens from PEN PAPER PEACE will be used in particular, a tool that helps young people aged 13 to 19 to actively engage themselves for a better future.

Workshop 4: Practical workshop lesson preparation (1,5h)

The Global Learning platform of PEN PAPER PEACE offers various possibilities to integrate digital and global learning into everyday school life. Together we develop individual lesson preparations so that the integration of the materials fits optimally to your own learning group.

Workshop 5: Pitfalls of Global Learning (1,5h)

The workshop addresses issues of racism, Eurocentrism and postcolonialism in the context of one’s own teaching. The focus will be on one’s own unconscious preconceived opinions and prejudices (bias) and how to deal with these in a reflective way in teaching practice.