For Elementary School

Your digital excursion

Here we go on an exciting digital journey to different countries in Central America or Africa. Which excursion would you like to join first? You can choose between Haiti, Honduras and Namibia.

What happens in the individual excursions?

Haiti: Did you know that the only successful slave revolution in the world took place in Haiti? The French plantation owners treated the enslaved people very badly, so they rebelled against them over 200 years ago and managed to free themselves. If you want to learn more about slavery and revolution in Haiti, click on the button below!

Namibia: In the past, many European countries such as Spain, Portugal, Great Britain or the Netherlands had colonies all over the world, which they oppressed and exploited. Did you know that Germany also had colonies, for example in today’s Namibia? If you want to know more about what colonialism actually was, what happened in Namibia, which traces can still be found today and why it is important to deal with colonialism, click on the corresponding digital excursion!

Honduras: Every year, tens of thousands of people leave Honduras and make the long, arduous journey to the USA in the hope of starting a new, better life there. What is life like in Honduras? Why do so many people leave the country? What does the road to the USA look like? What happens when they get there? Do many manage to fulfill their dream of a better life? If you are interested in the answers to these questions, click on the button with the digital excursion!